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Meet eReviews: Science and Ethics Review System

April 3, 2014

eReviews is extremely flexible, it allows you to configure your workflow to meet your unique needs and modify the content of your eForms. It enables all users to collaborate online securely and keeps a trace of all transactions throughout the project lifecycle.

Initial and Ongoing Phases:

eReviews streamlines the process of preparing, submitting and reviewing all research applications during the initial and ongoing phases. It guides the Researchers to prepare only the necessary applications and check their completeness with the built in logic and error check prior to submitting them online for review. All ongoing forms such as Serious Adverse Events are readily available to the researchers.

eReviews Processes:

Several processes are available in eReviews suite. Each process comes with all the required electronic smart forms, workflow running the process and the necessary reports to exploit your data. eReviews suite is highly configurable and flexible; additional processes can be custom-made based on your

Here are the available processes:

– Ethics and Science ( Adult & Children) Process

– Resource Process

– Medical Record access Process

– Pharmacy Process

– Budget and Contracts Process

– Bio-security Process

– Radiation Process

Click here to send us an e-mail requesting more information about eReviews or don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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