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Human resources? We do that too: eVision is performing yet another task (task 9) for CIC.

October 22, 2014

ressources humaines

(French version below)

Effective human resources management is fundamental to a high performing organization. To improve the delivery of Human Resources (HR) services, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has recently implemented the Treasury Board’s Common Human Resources Business Processes (CHRBP). This project, which identified best practices, aligning CIC processes to the CHRBP standard, will now move into the monitoring and continuous improvement phase.  CHRBP identifies and depicts the seven Human Resources process areas as a logical set of activities required to conduct people management in departments/agencies as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Moving forward, and as part of the continuous improvement cycle, CIC engaged the services of eVision.Softsim in Joint Venture to lead a phased project in assisting in further refining the HR business processes and identifying areas where improvements and efficiencies could be realized or where superfluous activities could be eliminated.

This process is a first step in transforming the delivery of HR services. The revised processes will be subsequently further transformed and integrated into an automated software tool.


CIC : tâche 9

Une gestion efficace des ressources humaines est fondamentale pour qu’une organisation performe à haut niveau. Afin d’améliorer les services de Ressources Humaines (HR), Immigration et Citoyenneté Canada (CIC) a récemment mis en oeuvre les pratiques de Processus opérationnel commun des ressources humaines (POCRH).

Ce projet, cible les meilleures pratiques en alignant les processus de CIC avec ceux de POCRH et s’apprête à entrer dans la phase de suivi et d’amélioration continue.

POCRH identifie et décrit les sept domaines de processus des resources humaines comme un ensemble logique d’activités requis pour fournir une gestion humaine aussi efficace que possible au sein des departments/agences.

CIC vient de requérir les services de eVision.Softsim en joint venture afin d’assister au processus de raffinement de HR et identifier les besoins.

Ce processus est la première étape de transformation des prestations des ressources humaines. Les processus revisés seront ensuite transformés et intégrés dans un outil logiciel automatisé.

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